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Caught a cold, but that won’t slow down the mix (with Andy Wallace and Brad) #TheHuntingParty #lp2014


LINKIN PARK Calendar 2014 - 9 [BONUS] by NeoRock096

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Print test! The flyers are looking good in real :)

so Jess and i made a thing!!! our LP tshirts collection ♥♥♥

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Great interview with Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington and Rob Bourdon” - April, 9 2014


Some photos from the lovely Anna Shinoda’s book launch party last night for her debut: Learning Not to Drown – available now!

Click here to start reading the book for free on Pulseit.com!

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"Its like, I dont have to do something that I know the radio is gonna play, I dont have to do something I know this demographic or that demographic will listen to. Cause when you’re making your first album, you’re making it in your bedroom or your studio, but you’re not thinking like ‘Anybody is gonna listen to it’, you’re just making music for yourself and for your friends.” x

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